The Finalists of the Pantone Competition Are?

Pantone Colours

The colour authority Pantone recently announced their colours for the Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Ten colours feature as part of the collection so we set our students a challenge to design boards for each colour, and what an amazing job they have done. Yesterday the team at Academy HQ had the difficult task of selecting just 3 finalists for each colour, and I can tell you it was not easy. I must have changed my mind about ten times as they were all so good. Below you will see the finalists … [Read more...]

Academy Live Pinterest Challenge


How are you enjoying our new 'global blog'?  I am loving seeing our community of students, graduates, followers and supporters, from each of our campuses around the world, drawn together here on the blog.  It is wonderful to be able to share stories of success from around the world and learn more about the business of weddings and events from all of the experts we have supporting us. And now, I get to bring our Australian campuses very popular monthly Pinterest challenge to all of you … [Read more...]

Meet Our Academy Live Blog Intern

Untitled design

Today I am excited to introduce you to the Academy's very first 'Blog Intern'.  Her name is Julia Hendrie and she is a Diploma in Wedding Planning Styling and Design student with our Australian Campus.  Julia is also a talented florist and the first board she designed for us as part of her course-work, is one of our most viewed Facebook images...ever!  You can see that board here. Julia will be sharing blog posts with us for the next 3 months and we hope that during that time she inspires you … [Read more...]

Understanding Contracts and Getting Paid


Last night on #WedBizHour the subject was a meaty one. We chatted about what needs to be in a contract and how you can ensure you get paid for the products or services you provide to your bridal client. It doesn't matter what area of weddings you work in as a wedding professional everyone benefits from a written contract as evidence of a mutual agreement. Once you reach a verbal agreement those terms should be formalised in writing including any additional clauses there might be. This protects … [Read more...]

Pricing Your Services as a Wedding Planner


When you first start out as a wedding planner knowing the correct pricing structure and what to charge for your services is usually the biggest problem area and the one most people really struggle with. There is no right or wrong way to do this as it all comes down to the individual, what their goals are, their experience level, the market they are pitching at etc. In this episode of Academy TV we offer our top tips for helping you with your pricing structure. Click the image below to view the … [Read more...]

Pantone Colour Report for Spring 2016


Its here again already. That time of year when Pantone releases their top 10 colours for the forthcoming season, and this year sees some old favourites along with a couple of new additions that really make for a great collection. To really see how these colours could be used within the design of a wedding or event we find that an inspiration board is the best tool. As part of our course materials at the Academy we always feature each of the 10 colours and go into detail about how these can be … [Read more...]

The Journey of a Wedding Planning Student

Google Hangout

We love to chat to our students and get to know them better but being a virtual Academy offering course by E Learning this doesn't make face-to-face very easy. However, there is a wonderful tool that Google has devised called Google Hangouts on Air and we use this facility to talk to our students about their experience, live with the Academy, making the transition from student to wedding and event professional and much more. This month's Google Hangout came from our UK campus and was hosted by … [Read more...]

Using Images to Market Your Wedding Business

Academy TV

Every month we produce two episodes of Academy TV for those looking to get into the wedding industry as well as those already working within it. Over the years we have learned a lot and we love to share that knowledge with you in a fun but informative way. Over the last few years the way we market our business has changed dramatically as so many more channels have opened up to us. With this change has become a greater need for people to have great visuals to promote what they do and when you … [Read more...]

Apps and Tips to improve your Instagram images


Between you and I, I am slightly addicted to Instagram.  I say slightly, as I limit myself and how long I can spend on it, but I say addicted because I know if I didn't do that, I could be on it all day.  I can't even say that I am using it for inspiration for anything in particular, as I follow a real cross section of people. I am just in love with the images I find there, but there are certainly images on Instagram and then there are images, with wow factor, on Instagram. I also know that … [Read more...]

Google Plus and Your Wedding Business

Google Plus

Do you remember a world before social media? A world where our main form of promotion was an advert in the Yellow Pages? Well I do. I remember panicking over how I was going to afford my advert and how long it would take the directory to come out so I would start to see some results of my investment. How things have changed. In the advent of social media we now have a myriad of different ways to promote our company and our products and services. We can give our target audience a glimpse into … [Read more...]